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Twitter has introduced their new Twitter Ad Model It’s going to be a way for twitter to make money and I expect over the next few months they will just continue to add more and more ads to the service. I hope in the future they allow for GEO Targeted ads as I see a big positive marketing niche there. Also, I am excited to see how the ads will be formated and to see the stats on the CTR’s. This could just become like FaceBook and Myspace ads are and just blend right in. 
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ED Dales Coming Home Conference in a Nut-Shell

I can’t believe the San Diego conference started a week ago already.
The Caro interview I did will be up by Monday and I appreciate your patience on that, but for this post I wanted to cover everything interesting in the conference that was taught.  When you goto one of these…people start throwing website names out there… names you have never heard of. So you write the name down to research it later. Well at this conference so many dang cool things were said… that before I knew it I had a full sheet of paper filled up with cool sites and ideas. So without further ado, here are some of the coolest sites and things talked about.
1. Start migrating Flash off your websites. iPads can’t support flash, neither can a lot of smart phones. There are already 17 million devices out there that can’t view flash. This number is only going to grow. So contact your graphics guy and start coming up with new solutions to replace the Flash on your website. (If you are clever or have a clever web guy….then you can actually insert a piece of code that detects when a mobile type device visits your site and displays something other than the flash.) As Ed Dale says, “I hate Flash more than I hate the…” well I won’t finish that one. Fill in the answer in the comments section below if you were there! Read more: ED Dales Coming Home Conference in a Nut-Shell                                                                                                                                                                               

Michael Roberts Interviews Caro McCourtie about OHM

Caro is a moderator and big contributor to the Thirty Day Challenge. If you have never heard about this course then you need to run over and check it out now! It's 100% free!  Thirtydaychallenge

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