Changing the Way You Look at SEO Forever

MICHAEL R. ROBERTS or simply Mike Roberts is a 26-year old software developer, internet marketer and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of ARMR Investing the creator of Traffic-Bug and a soon-to-be launched SEO software named Ping Kaching. ARMR stands for Amanda Roberts & Michael Roberts. Amanda is the name of Mike's loving  wife.

Mike has no formal education but is naturally street-smart and a born entreprenuer. Armed with knowledge and skills he learned from working for his parents' businesses, he begun venturing into a few small businesses himself.

In 2008, Mike stumbled upon an online course known as "The 30-Day Challenge" which officially marked the beginning of his successful stint in Internet Marketing. He established and maintained several sites and applied the techniques he learned from the course to get them on top of search engine result pages. Coupled with hardwork and perseverance, he successfully attained the course's goals and objectives. The websites he own have been giving him a passive income until now.

In 2009, Mike conceptualized and designed Traffic-Bug to assist internet marketers in automating the most important tasks that will help websites to have a good search engine ranking. Traffic-Bug aims to save you time by automating social bookmarking, RSS, directory and search engine submissions.

And this year, Mike Roberts and ARMR Investing will take a huge step further by launching a new software that will replace Traffic-Bug. This software will do everything that Traffic-Bug does, and more. This awesome ARMR creation will be known as Ping Kaching and will change the way you look at SEO forever.